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More often than not, drones and vehicles are paired up on set to create stunning aerial footage to help tell your story. 

CineCopters is proud to now also offer Vibration Isolated Remote Vehicle Mounts to the TV & Film industry. 

This allows our crews to provide remote-operated, gimbal or static-mounted camera solutions to supercars, action vehicles, motorbikes, and even boats. 

These extremely versatile rigs can be mounted in minutes to almost anywhere on a cast vehicle. This includes action-packed rear 3/4 angles inches from the ground, side mounted looking into the vehicle, bonnet mounted looking through the windshield and everything in-between. 

CineCopters has a wide range of Follow Tracking Vehicles available for every scenario. Allowing for remote-operated dynamic tracking shots of >100mph, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional Russian Arm. 

With HD Live Picture to the cabin of the tracking vehicle, the director can ensure the shot has been nailed each and every time. 

With a vast selection of camera compatibility, including but not limited to:

  • Sony | FX6 | FS5 | FX3 | A7siii | A1 

  • RED | Komodo | Komodo X | V-Raptor

  • BMPCC | 4K | 6K

  • Canon | C70 | 'R' Range

  • Z Cam | E2

  • Zenmuse | X7 - 6K Cinema DNG / ProRes Raw

Standard Payload Limit | 4.5kg

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