Drones For Film & TV

For as long as drones have been around, CineCopters, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland have been ahead of the pack.

We fly the latest state-of-the-art Heavy Lift & Lightweight drones capable of carrying ALEXA MINI, RED, PHANTOM HI-SPEED & Zenmuse X7 cameras.

We pride ourselves on our fleets unimpeachable safety protocols capable of shooting Cinema Standard pictures with 5km+ of live HD video feed. Our pilots and camera operators bring more than 50 years' film and television experience to the set and have been flying drones commercially since they were invented.

HBO - AMC - Universal Pictures - Film 4 - Scott Free Productions - Microsoft - MTV - BBC - Discovery - Nickelodeon and many more all agree.

We know how this works. We make your life easy.



“A calm and professional approach, incredibly competitive rates and the ability to deliver utterly breathtaking shots. Exec Producers from Canada, New York and beyond were amazed. Highly recommended”

Nadia James


Above & Beyond

“CineMedia & CineCopters are at the top of their game and I can highly recommend them to anyone looking for first-class filming in Ireland. Having worked with them all around the country over the past 5 years, on all kinds of productions, their calm and professional approach is second to none. The footage they deliver is always above and beyond what the director is looking for. We were really impressed by the high standard of service, professionalism, and superb quality of the footage.”

Glen Collins


Speed & Efficiency

“The speed and efficiency of the guys blew me away. I found myself making up more shots because it took no time to get exactly what I wanted!”

Michael Lennox



“Their work was exemplary as always and the Directors and clients were over the moon with the work they did - everyone was singing their praises. And as for getting me out of the bind - I so so appreciate it. I always say you guys are the best and your lads proved it again.”

Orla Bleahen


Top of their game

“I cannot speak more highly of CineMedia’s and CineCopters approach to filming... Communication between BBC production and their crew was excellent throughout; they worked just as happily overseen by our director as independently to a brief... Absolutely stunning (the opening shots of the show are to die for). Having worked with over a dozen drone and ground crews in the last few years I can confidently say they are at the top of their game and recommend them to anyone looking for first class company in Ireland...”

George Pagliero

Producer / Director

Speed & Efficiency

“We couldn’t have been happier with the beautiful footage CineMedia / CineCopters captured. It’s taken our series to a whole new level. They were easy to work with and came through for us in spite of a tight deadline.”

Joan Lambur

MD / Producer